Wednesday, 26 January 2011

more random minis

I found some random things that could be useful for minis such as a little key ring mirror that can be used in a bedroom and a little phone charm that can be used in a nursery as a night light, ok that was not originally my idea but I saw it in a shop and wanted to make it the same as the one I saw on the internet.

Also I found a really cute sewing machine from my Auntie that was in my sister's closet for some reason and was very dusty. I rescued the poor thing and cleaned it up so I could have my very little sewinng machine own. It's very light and hardly takes up any space, now I can sew till my fingers fall off!  

One more very random  thing is that my interest for minis has not just come out from no where as it seems.....My dads has appeared to have shown quite an interest to minis too. He also made a clay house way back before I was born, I think it's pretty good myself. 

Short post, I know....
Anyway, see you soon. xox


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Sunday, 23 January 2011

What have you been up to??

This wasn't all that recent but I have been doing some mini-ing.
I made a miniature angel cake out of polymer clay, it's about 2cm long

A little duck, it can be used in a bathroom too. I made 2 because the first one got squished under the camera when I was videoing a tutorial of how to make it. I don't know why but I cooked the squashed too. You can see both of them sitting happily next to each other...(they weren't cooked yet, so that's' why they look a little moist.)

 Toothbrushes and toothpaste....

And a handul of miniature tomatoes and a giant mini bunch of bananas, very cute!

  Here are some christmas presents I made for my friends:

I made these out of polymer clay for my friend Joony's birthday:

Now for a tutorial....

How to make a miniature paperweight!
(this is completely from my brain though I seen 1 or 2 tutorials similar to this.)

You will need...
Clear glue, sharp scissors, laminated or photographed pattern or picture, craft knife or permanent fine liner pen and a transparent nugget - mine came with a jewelry craft set but you can use a plastic bumper like how it it was done over at My Small Obsession

1. Place the nugget on the pattern/ picture and draw or scratch out the shape of the nugget

2. Cut it out very carefully...

3. Put a very small amount of glue on the plastic and place the nugget on top of it very gently

4. Leave it to dry and when you will come back it will be ready to be put into a scene!

Finished! That was incredibly easy, I like to keep things simple. You can create loads by using different patterns and colours to make a neat collection!

See you soon! xox

(P.S. if you have been looking at the photos and thinking 'oh my, what skinny long fingers you have!', well your'e perfectly right. I have very big, long and skinny hands, do take note I play the cello, clarinet and piano. Sometimes if I stare at my hands for too long, they look really weird and alieny, it's strange, I always end prodding my hands to see what they're made of...yeah weird huh - you should try it yourself.....)

Very late report on mini christmas presents...

I forgot to tell you all about my mini christmas presents last year so here I am now telling you about them.....

Er...okay, I got the dollhouse I really liked from the dollhouse shop and I truly love it. Yes, it has 6 rooms but I like a good challenge, sometimes...Apparently it's supposed to be a colonial house but I'm not too fond on that topic so I'm going to treat it as a modern old house...if that makes sense. I haven't bought any paints for it yet, I have no idea when I'm going to start on it.

It came with a tiny cello, a weather cock and a door knob.

I also got 3 handy books about miniatures: 'miniature food masterclass' by Angie Scarr, 'A beginners guide to the dollhouse hobby' by Jean Nisbett and 'Making miniature food and market stalls' also by Angie Scarr.

That's all but I'm still pleased with all of them!

See you soon xox

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sorry for the extremely long gap of posting...I guess this time I don't really have an excuse. To tell you the truth, I couldn't be bothered...I'm sure you're very surprised haha!
As you may have realised, the pictures still aren't up from the Cologne trip. The picture feature is working now but the images are taking much too long to load. This isn't anything new but I become very impatient waiting about 10-30 mins for 1 or two pictures to load. There is so many pictures I would like to put up and have spent somettime trying to get a lovely picture to show you all. When I read other blogs, I find the most interesting and inspiring bit from the images, or if I couldn't be bothered (this is becoming a real issue with me now....) to read the text, I'd just scroll down and look at thhe pics instead.
If anyone who might be reading this has experienced the same thing, I would really like it if someone could post a comment (the very first!) and give some tips or anything, maybe even just a teeny 'hi!'. I would like to know if there is anyone who reads my blog or if  it's just me refreshing the pages over and over...I am aware of one of my very good friends - Melissa, who reads it a bit but I'm sure she can't be the only one. Of course I won't be expecting a comment  right away, knowing that I only started the blog in October or something...actually I wouldn't be surprised if there was no sign of anyone by the next couple of months, I won't stop blogging just because there aren't any comments(!!)
So if anyone can be brave enough to leave a little trail of existence....please do! - I won't bite! .'P

See you soon xox

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Trip to Cologne

Two weeks ago I went to Cologne, a city in Germany to see the lovely Christmas markets with my fellow classmates. I wasn't able to post anything straight after the trip since there was lots of end of term assessments and I was being a good girl and revised every night : ) So we went for 3 days but only spent 1 whole day looking around Cologne. We stayed in a youth hostel that was a 20 minute walk away from the market, it may not seem that long but when you're walking against a blizzard and several degrees under 0, it feels like ages! On the first day I had to get up at 5am to get ready at the school at quarter past 6. Suprisingly I did manage to get up on time mainly because I couldn't sleep a wink during the night. For some reason, whenever I feel excited about the next day to come, for example when I was really young and waited for every hour to pass for Christmas day or when it's my birthday the next day, I can never sleep well whereas on normal schooldays I sleep like a baby. Anyway we went by coach all the way to Germany by the Euro Tunnel and passing through France on the way - it took about 10 hours to get there. UGHH! What a journey that was! I had a splitting headache because we watched 2 films (Men in Black 2 and Iron Man) one after the other and was on the volume was on full blast. I mean they are great films but after 5 hours of long-winded driving, some people just want to have a good snooze! Jeesh...Also it was baking hot even though it was -5 outside, the driver put the heating on the highest. When we finally got to the hostel it was raining and everyone had to lug the suitcases in and all the way up the long, winding, twisty-twiney was two straight flights of stairs but you have no idea how knackered I was! Rooms weren't that bad, something I'd expect at a youth hostel. Me and my friend Louise were on the double bed, don't  worry they two separate singles joint together! And my two other Korean friends were on the bunk beds.

After we unpacked, it was dinner and to be honest, I didn't get a very good first impression of the food there. Pasta was dry and bland and veggie was vegetables taste.....well that was about all they served there, oh and there was water...Soon after that we went to the first christmas market or shall I say Weihnachts Markt. Everywhere was all lit up and was very busy in all the little alleys round the stalls. I just browsed rather than buying anything but I did buy a little snow globe for 2 Euros. On our way back we took several photos of a gothic cathedral which was 516 feet high, it is one of the largest gothic cathedrals in northern Europe, it was extremely beautiful especially during the night. Day 2 we went back to the cathedral and this time we climbed it, not all the way to the top of course but up to the second highest towers, the stairway was less than a metre wide and made me really dizzy. Now these were the long, winding, twisty-twiney stairs. They took about 10-15 minutes to climb and my legs were killing me. After that we went to a Lindtt chocolate museum, and it was like heaven in there, despite the fact it was boiling inside. We saw how the chocolate was made and packed, it was really amazing. Then we walked all the way to two other christmas markets and I think I bought most of the christmas presents from there. We went back a little earlier because the teachers had arranged a disco which they forced everyone to go to. My friends and I aren't really the partying types but assumed there was going to be lots of food so we were reluctant to go. When we saw it, boy were we disappointed! Not only was there not a single crumb of food, all the cheeky people just hid in their rooms, including all the teachers!! The rest of the night we spent playing tetris on our DSs till midnight. On the last day, none of us could be bothered to drag ourselves down to breakfast, we were half an hour behind schedule and the queue to the cafeteria was ridiculous ( I didn't know the food was that popular...). The last market we went to was definately the best. We drove down to another town called Aachen and looked at another cathedral. The stain-glass was the main attraction of it but was also very nice like all cathedrals. In the market there were lots of bakeries and cake stalls, we got a creamy eclair and a vanilla crepe that we shared between us. For lunch we had a very common german food called Reibekuchen which is a deep fried potato cake, so tasty but was swimming in oil. I didn't manage to get a picture of it, but I'm sure if you google it you'll get a clear picture of what it is. After a little roam about the food section, we found a wonderful miniature stall but incredibly expensive. I tried to find the cheapest item and I found a tiny basket for 1 Euro and then my eyes came across an the most cutest tiny toolbox I've always been longing for! My friend obviously noticed I fell in love with it but was too expensive for me - 6.50! But she actually bought it for me, I immediately got her the fluffy frog handwarmer which she'd been eyeing for a while and was a little less than the toolbox. By then I didn't have much money left but at least I didn't feel bad about not giving her anything back. It was a long journey home and had the ultimate game on Mario Kart DS, which I regret since I had yet another splitting headache.
Well, congratulations if you managed to stay awake through that very long post!
Christmas had come so quickly this year, hasn't it? Or is it just me???

Picture feature isn't working so I'll put them up some other time. They're up!!!


See ya soon! xox

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Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas decorations...

A very easy tutorial on how to make a 3D snowflake:
 If you know how to make a square out of A4 paper or already have square paper, skip to step 6.

1. Get a piece of A4 paper, it can be of any colour you wish the snowflake to be. 

                                         2. Fold the paper into a triangle so that the sides line up.

3. Now it should look like this...

4. To get a square, you need to get rid of the rectangle at the bottom by cutting it off.

5. You should be left with a square...

6. Fold the square in half.

7. Draw parallel lines from the edges to the centre, but DO NOT join them together.

8. Cut along the lines but make sure you stop when you get to the middle, otherwise it would fall apart. 

9. Open up the triangle and it should be looking like this...

10. From the centre, going outwards, fold the ends corners together and fasten it with glue or tape. 

11. For each alternate part, flip it over onto the other side and do the same till the end. 

12. After you finish folding them over each other, you should end up with this...

To create the whole snowflake, repeat this 6 times and then stick them all together.
Since mine didn't turn out so well, click on this link to see the finished product. You can lots of other great tutorials for decorations there also.

Have fun!

See you soon! xox

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