Sunday, 3 October 2010

My Scruffy Cardboard Doll House

On your right is the doll house shop in Epsom

Next weekend I'm intending to go to a doll house shop, 'Dreams Can Come True', in Epsom, to buy a proper wooden doll house that I can paint and furnish, since I've just been messing about with a cardboard house that I made and stuffing it with plastic Sylvanian doll house items. I have now given up on that, it just sits in a corner collecting dust...
So, I'm really waiting for the house before I start to do any serious  making.This is the scruffy doll house. It's in such a mess! I feel so sorry for the Slydale family...

Living room
Just a little edit on this post...
I realised that there was a huge empty space that was screaming to be filled up.
The reason why the house is probably such a mess is because a) I didn't really dedicate much time on this thing b) I couldn't be bothered to draw out a plan, (yeah, I'm that kind of person) and c) I cut this all out from an old TV box, yes my hands were literally bright red after cutting this out. So much tape and rough edges... no wonder I can't be bothered with it - sigh. Anyways, much of the plastic furniture is some loose bits and bobs I found around the house and several pieces of Sylvanian doll house furniture: the oven, the sink (covered up with a pie and a big black bowl),red sofa, fireplace, telephone, various dressers and lamp. The rest of the stuff are things that I made. The pies and tarts - modelling clay, blue sofa in the far left 2nd floor that failed -blue satin and cardboard, small milk bottle - translucent polymer clay and the paper thingies are printies. I guess I got most of my inspiration from one of the first doll housing websites I looked at -, some really nice printies there.

See you soon then! xox           

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